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[In Tokyo, the Kashiwabara family's large apartment has one master bedroom along with the double bedroom that the twins used to willingly share. Ennea is out working as a personal trainer in Yokohama. It's Nona Kashiwabara whom you're more likely to meet; she's still in the apartment, on the veranda absorbing sunlight as she puts together collages of spec pieces for fashion magazines. Hazuki, better known as "Lotus", wakes up every morning alone in her queen sized bed. There's a folder on her dresser like a sleek leather diploma case, and a framed manga portrait of herself on the wall. And underneath the mounted mirror is a large golden ring that hangs on a hook above a flat sheet of paper. There is a bottle of absinthe in the closet, still two-thirds full. She makes herself black tea every morning, and water with one drop of absinthe every night.

It's May, when Hazuki doesn't have her consolation prize contract anymore. Soon she'll have to follow up on some leads - the next three weeks at least are promising enough with a project that ran over deadline for reasons that aren't her fault or problem. A sunny day. An excuse to underdress. She goes out to the tai chi club, like she does every week along with belly dancing (got to have goals and a reason to get out of the house), and she posts a picture of herself afterwards on Facebook. Her skin is clearer than ever.]



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